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Letting Our Clients Speak For Themselves

Our Vancouver website design services have satisfied the needs of many different businesses located in a number of Lower Mainland communities in the Greater Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada since the year 2000. Our Vancouver website designer has also worked with other Canadian clients from BC and Alberta to Ontario. Read what our valued clients have to say about our trustworthy and dependable Vancouver web design services in their very own words in our testimonials section below.

Web Design Testimonials

From Vancouver, British Columbia To Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Holistically Yours Holistic Healing

 MW Web Design did a beautiful job of designing the website for my Reiki business. They used all original digital photography on my website and created a very unique theme using my favorite shades of blue. In about three weeks, my website was on the Internet and a few weeks later, my website was already appearing on the Internet searches. MW Web Design takes care of all of my maintenance and updating, always within the same day I request the updates. They've helped me with all of my links over the past few years and as a result, my search listings have gradually moved up to the first page which helps to bring in a lot of business for me. I'm so glad that I chose MW Web Design to design and maintain my website because they've really gone beyond the call of duty to help me. I highly recommend MW Web Design to anyone considering a website. It's been a delightful experience dealing with them! Bobbi — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Senior's Edge

 Dear MW Web Design: Checked the website — it's absolutely terrific! Having no experience at all in web design, I had absolutely no idea of all that was involved. Your knowledge, guidance, attention to detail and patience made all the difference. Your customer service was beyond comparison — fast responses and suggestions, detailed explanations of next steps and constant attention to the performance of the web site on the various search engines — it was truly remarkable! Attention to the budget was a key consideration for me and I appreciated all that you did to stay within budget. I am truly "in awe" of what you created and so proud that Senior's Edge is reflected so beautifully to others. I truly look forward to continued opportunities to work with you. I can highly recommend your services to others. We know the website will be instrumental to the success of our business. Thanks again for taking an idea to a successful website launch for Senior's Edge. Best Regards. Carol — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Lyndhurst Naturals

 Excellent, fast and efficient service from MW Web Design. We had a number of failed attempts at getting a new website done, but the designers we spoke to just didn't seem to get it. In contrast, the people at MW Web Design knew exactly what we wanted — design-wise, without us having to explain. The new website was designed and up and running within days. Thanks MW Web Design. Ken — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Cascade Pools Inc.

 Our original website was home made, built from software downloaded from the Internet. It was sufficient for its original purpose, which was to allow potential clients to see pictures of our work but it was amateurish, awkward and slow loading. I agonized over finding a web designer I could work with and delayed and procrastinated until I could wait no longer. I searched for a web design company online and I was impressed with MW Web Design's website so I e-mailed them. They phoned me within a few hours and during our first conversation, I knew they were the right people! They understood the look and feel I wanted for my site right from the start. Their service was always prompt and courteous, their e-mails to me were very detailed and informative. They worked with me — helping to make my own ideas work while providing many wonderful ideas themselves! They were very clear about what they could provide me with and what I needed to provide for them. The whole process was quick and painless. MW Web Design was true to its word and I could not be more pleased. I would recommend MW Web Design without hesitation to anyone. Tony — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Reiki Plus

 MW Web Design has been my "webmaster" for several years now. From our initial visit, the company has been very professional, extremely efficient and so reliable. Their work has received great praise from my customers, my family and my friends. The website that they designed for me is unique and projects a sense of peace and serenity which is exactly what I needed for my Reiki (healing arts) business. I remember our first meeting when I knew nothing about building websites and they took the time required to explain it to me in great detail and in a language that I could understand. As my "webmaster", MW Web Design not only designed my site, but they also maintain it. Whenever I need changes, all I have to do is send them an e-mail requesting the changes and within a couple of hours, they are done. It has been a great pleasure working with MW Web Design all these years and I highly recommend them for your website design and maintenance. Nicole — Vancouver, British Columbia

Angel Light

 I brought my seedling of a website draft to MW Web Design and they have turned it into a most incredible landscape! Through MW Web Design's vision, encouragement, expertise and attention to detail, my site has surpassed any expectations which I had for ensuring that the site conveyed all the messages I wanted to send — to the people I wanted to reach. Thank you, MW Web Design for helping me to reach new heights and new horizons! Stacey — Oakville, Ontario

Detail Pressure Washing Ltd.

 I want to thank MW Web Design so very, very much for all of the work they did in getting our website up and running in such an incredibly short period of time. The website looks great — I have had numerous compliments on it and it has attracted new customers. The work and service they put into the website was great. The website was up and running within a week all said and done at a very reasonable cost. After the website was initially completed, we were able to go in and add photos and extra content with ease. I will highly recommend MW Web Design to any of my colleagues and business associates. John — North Vancouver, British Columbia

ACT Health Care Services

 I called MW Web Design in 2005 to help me to get established on the Internet. As a first-time business owner, I needed a lot of guidance because I didn't realize all that was involved in designing a website and MW Web Design really simplified the whole process for me. They were so polite, courteous and knowledgeable and gave me such great advice — helping me with everything from registering my domain name to creating my logo to formatting my content. In about three weeks, my website was complete and on the web. They were very professional and easy to deal with throughout all of our communications. I'm very happy with the design and with how everything has worked out for me since 2005. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MW Web Design to anybody looking for a website. It was a pleasure doing business with them! Yuriko — North Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Website Designer

Why Choose MW Web Design?

MW Web Design treats every web design project as if it were our very own. Our Vancouver website designer truly goes the extra mile in creating unique website designs for our clients. None of our projects are built from pre-designed templates. Every little bit of heart and soul goes into the creation of your website in order to ensure that it will be original in its design. Our attention to detail is evident right down to the very last rounded corner of a graphic placed on a webpage.

We are one of very few companies who will only commit to taking on one web design project at a time. There is no assembly line here. This means that your project receives our full attention without any interruption. With this solid commitment to customer service, we never keep you waiting for productivity to happen — you never have to wait for answers. We get started on your project right away and create a working prototype for you within a very short period of time.

Every single aspect of our web design services is performed in-house with absolutely no outsourcing involved, no reliance upon third parties and no subcontract delays. MW Web Design has stood the test of time and our services have become very popular within the new age, alternative health and holistic healing communities — much of our work has come by way of referral. We work hard for you in order to get the results you deserve as a business owner.

But rather than take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about our web design services in the column on the left. After all, they know best.

Any Design Challenge

A Brief History Of MW Web Design

MW Web Design is a family owned and operated business — a husband and wife team with a third designer and search engine optimization consultant. Our graphic design, SEO and web development services are often hired by other web design companies which keeps us very busy.

Our company was actually formed in 1992 as a division of a well-known and highly-respected Vancouver-based computer sales, service and support company. Our office was, and still is, located on the beautiful North Shore of Vancouver, BC.

The Internet was relatively new back in those days and a 9600 baud modem was considered "cool". In 1994, when Netscape Navigator became the "hot" web browser with WebCrawler becoming "king" of the search engines, we began to build websites for our computer service clients, helping them to establish their initial presence on the Internet. In the year 2000, we branched off into website design.

For over thirteen years now, our focus has been on web design — our love of Macs and our passion for website design go hand in hand. The knowledge we have gained from working in the computer service industry for so many years has served as a definite asset, both technically and creatively.

Although many of our web site designs have been created for home-based businesses and small to medium-sized businesses, we can work with any type and size of business. We have also designed websites for larger, corporate companies over the years.

When we began designing websites in the year 2000, our first design was for a holistic healing company. After this website was completed, the word soon spread and we found ourselves designing more and more websites based upon different healing modalities such as reiki, reflexology and others, as well as websites based upon astrology, new age and alternative health themes.

Since that time, we have also designed websites for construction companies, electricians, architects and engineers, business management and development firms, interior designers, cleaning companies, psychologists, hypnotherapists, fitness and health-related businesses, veterinary clinics, real estate organizations, musicians, authors and writers, computer sales and service companies and many other types of businesses.

We will take on any design challenge — no matter what type or size of company you may operate.